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Earl Grey Citrus Shortbread Cookies

The holidays are just around the corner! This is the perfect time to start trialing your favorite tea and cookie pairings! Try out this simple, yet elevated Earl Grey citrus shortbread cookie recipe to share with your family and friends this holiday season! I paired these delightful cookies with Lux Tea Company’s Earl Grey tea […]

Forelle Pear and Blue Cheese Puff Pastry

I love sweet and savory dishes, especially ones that include cheese! My absolute favorite is a pear and blue cheese salad, but from time to time you have to indulge! I decided to take my favorite salad ingredients and turn it into something a little more luxurious. This recipe is simple and take minimal effort. […]

Chocolate Chai Pot De Creme

Hi Tea Lovers! I recently had company over for dinner and wanted to make an exquisite and unique dessert. I kept thinking of what I could make to wow my guests and then it clicked – chai pot de creme with chocolate! I’d had chocolate pot de cremes previously, but figured I can put my […]

Protein Banana Nut Muffins

Banana Nut Muffins are a great snack or quick breakfast! I love combining them with one of our Chai Teas. The added flavor to an already rich muffin, adds the perfect amount of decadence to any morning or snack. Follow our simple recipe below to enjoy these healthy muffins, hot, right out of the oven! Ingredients: […]